Situations That Require The Expertise Of A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have incurred some injuries, you may not require a personal injury lawyer to manage the case on your behalf. This is especially true if the injuries aren't severe or the at-fault party is willing to offer reasonable compensation.  

However, it's crucial to consult a personal injury lawyer before deciding how the case will proceed. This will allow the legal expert to review the claim and outline all your legal rights. They will also address any concerns you may have and provide vital information on how to handle the case.

Depending on the information you get, you can decide if you will hire a lawyer or proceed without one. Here are instances you will need a personal injury lawyer's help.

An Insurer Isn't Acting in Good Faith 

When you report the case to your insurance company, you expect them to act in good faith when resolving the injury claim. But some companies are accustomed to engaging in bad practices and try to avoid liability even when they should offer compensation. 

For instance, they may fail to investigate the claim, cause unwarranted delays, provide wrong information, ask for unnecessary documents, change the policy terms or deny paying the claim. Some even use aggressive techniques to force the insured to accept unfavorable settlement offers. Get a lawyer to represent you whenever you realize the insurer isn't working in good faith.

The Claim Involves a Government Entity

If your injury case involves the government, it will be more complex. The process for filing and acquiring the settlement cannot be compared to average injury claims. After all, governments get liability protection, so you need someone who understands the laws and regulations to fight for your rights.

So, if you were injured on government property, such as on the subway or train station, contact a personal injury lawyer right away. The duration for filing claims against the authorities is usually shorter, and you cannot afford to make mistakes or file the claim late. A lawyer will be more equipped to handle the lawsuit because they understand the procedure.

You Cannot Set the Claim Value

Setting a personal injury claim value is challenging, but this doesn't mean you shouldn't get fair compensation. If you don't know how to set the value, seek a lawyer's help. They will help you calculate the payment for all damages, including pain and suffering, losses, personal care, lost wages, and medical treatment. Their knowledge of personal injury laws will make it easier to determine the best settlement depending on the case details.

Contact a local attorney, such as Distefano Law PLC, to learn more. 

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