Social Security Disability Attorney: Filing And Appeals

If you're facing the prospect of living with a permanent disability, finding ways to guarantee consistent income can be tricky. Fortunately, an experienced Social Security disability lawyer can help you file an application or an appeal if your first attempt(s) weren't successful.

Here are some of the ways that you can help your Social Security disability lawyer file your application or an appeal.


Many applicants are not successful the first or even second time they file for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI). Once you receive a denial, the process can feel overwhelming and take significant time to resolve. That's one of the reasons why it's worth paying the extra money to have a Social Security disability lawyer prepare and file your application.

  • Medical: to qualify for SSDI you need to prove that you suffer from a disability that permanently hinders your ability to maintain gainful employment. This proof must be provided by a licensed medical professional in the state in which you file. In addition to having a doctor's note, it can also help to have a second opinion from another medical professional. Many Social Security disability work directly with occupational and physical therapists to provide a second opinion that provides more detail about how and why the disability impacts your ability to work. When you hire a Social Security disability lawyer it's always a good idea to share all of your medical records and file a medical release with your health care providers to allow your attorney to access records.
  • Income: once you provide proof of a permanent disability, you'll also need to prove a financial need. This financial need should relate to both your income and your savings. Your Social Security disability lawyer can run your bank records and past W2's through forensic accounting software to show how your income has changed since you suffered your disability and your lack of future income because of it.


Many SSDI applicants only seek legal assistance after their initial application has been denied. A Social Security disability lawyer can, through bureaucratic delays and legal language, successfully appeal your denial.

  • Point-by-point: Social Security disability denials must include clear language about why the application has been denied. Your Social Security disability lawyer can go through your denial letter to create an addendum to your initial application to cover each of the reasons why you were denied. Your attorney can create a table of contents to organize your appeal so that your application is easy to read and process.

For more information, contact a Social Security disability lawyer near you. 

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