Get the Job Done With a Demand Letter

A simple letter written to the insurers could result in a great offer thus ending your quest for compensation after an accident. To find out more about how demand letters work and what they can do for your car accident case, read on.

What Do Demand Letters Do For Victims?

To be paid what you deserve from the at-fault driver, they need to know about your injuries and your intentions. You may not want to take the other driver (and their insurer) to court and they don't want that to happen either. Court costs are exorbitant, court calendars are booked solid for months ahead of time, and taking a case to court is a very stressful experience. Both sides benefit when things can be worked out without court. In this case, working things out means they offer you a settlement and you accept it.

What Is in a Demand Letter?

The creation of a demand letter is both an art and a science. Your personal injury attorney knows just what to say to convince the other side that you have a great case and would probably win if you go to court. To do all of that, the letter has to list every reason why:

  1. The other driver is at fault for the accident.
  2. You have several forms of damages that need to be paid.
  3. You have the proof required to show both of the above.
  4. You have physical injuries because of the other driver's actions.

In addition, the letter will contain a dollar figure that you and your attorney have agreed will take care of your damages and a bit more to account for negotiations.

What Happens Next?

In many cases, the demand letter is the first real communication between the parties. This letter lets the other side know that you have professional legal representation, that you have some convincing evidence, and that you intend to be paid what you deserve. This letter gets the ball rolling and the negotiations can now begin. Luckily, you don't have to do all of that back-and-forth negotiating yourself. Your attorney shines at this sort of task because they know how things work. The number you agreed upon to accept is not out of thin air but is composed of your damages, the seriousness of your injuries, your age and occupation, and what other victims have been paid for similar accidents.

To find out more, speak to a car accident attorney.

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