How To Deal With A Dog Bite Case

An injury case involving a dog bite is a very specific form of claim. Folks who haven't handled them before may be surprised to learn some of the quirks of the process when they talk with a dog bite lawyer. It's a good idea to learn a bit about how the system handles incidents involving dogs before you move ahead with a case, and you should also think about some of the things you can do to bolster your claim.

Document Everything Thoroughly

The images of the immediate effects of a dog bite need to be preserved as soon as possible. While you certainly want to get medical attention first, you should make a priority of documenting the incident as soon as you're well enough to do so. If there is a friend or family member present while you wait for medical help, have them use their phone's camera to take pictures. A picture will always be more convincing to a claims adjuster, judge, or jury than just reading from a doctor's report.

If the police were called, you want to make sure the responding officer gives you a copy of the report. You should also ask any witnesses who were present for their contact information so your dog bite attorney can follow up with them.

Take note of what the scene was like, too. What time of day did the incident occur? Did the animal approach from a direction, or was it simply near you at the time the bite happened?

Understand Your State's Laws

Each state has its disposition toward dog bite cases. In particular, many states employ the one-bite rule. This means a dog owner isn't liable for damages until their dog is known to be dangerous. Such laws get their names because it essentially gives the dog one free bite before there are any questions about whether the animal is dangerous.

Verify the Details

One potential defense a person might assert is that the dog wasn't theirs. If an incident occurred on someone's property, ask the neighbors to confirm that they've seen the dog there before. If the incident occurred while you were out and about, you can still ask folks from the neighborhood to verify that the dog was free-roaming and that it belonged to a particular person. Your lawyer may have anyone who has previously reported an incident with the same animal give a statement.

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