Common Types Of Wrongful Death Cases

A wrongful death can be one of the most tragic and disruptive experiences that a family can suffer. The law allows for survivors of wrongful death cases to pursue damages against those responsible. Unfortunately, there are a handful of wrongful death cases that are particularly common.

Vehicle Accidents

Automobile accidents can be among the more common type of wrongful death cases. Drunk and reckless drivers can be extremely dangerous to those on the road, and they will often be the cause of serious accidents that can leave individuals disabled, disfigured or dead. In addition to auto accidents, it is also possible for wrongful death cases to result from bicycles and other vehicles that are able to travel at high speeds.

Medical Malpractice

When a doctor is negligent with their responsibilities, they can cause severe injuries and death to their patients. While individuals often assume that medical malpractice cases are the only way to pursue doctors that are guilty of these offenses, a wrongful death case can also be an option. In addition to the doctor's responsibility, the facility that employs them may also share liability.

Faulty Products

Companies are legally obligated to take steps to ensure that the products they sell are safe for their customers. If a company releases a product that is hazardous, survivors of customers that were killed by the product may be eligible for wrongful death action. The bar for pursuing action in these instances can be higher as it will be necessary to prove the company should have reasonably known the risk and taken steps to protect customers. When you are suspecting that you may have a wrongful death case against a company, seeking legal guidance as soon as possible can be essential. Otherwise, it may be more difficult to gather the evidence needed for the case.

Property Accidents

There can be many instances where individuals are severely injured by the building or property that they are occupying. One example of this can be a section of a wall or ceiling collapsing on something in the structure. In these instances, the property owner is likely to be liable for the injuries and deaths that may result from this accident. While the insurance policy for the property owner is likely to provide at least some coverage in these instances, victims often find that the policy limits are substantially lower than the value of their wrongful death claim. In these situations, additional legal steps to receive the full value of the wrongful death case.

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