Is Insurance Money Enough For My Personal Injury?

If you suffer a personal injury, many companies have insurance policies as a first line of defense. While you can get some compensation for your injury through an insurance claim, sometimes you need a personal injury lawyer to get the full compensation that's due to you. Here are some of the additional sources of income that you can get through a personal injury claim. 

Full Compensation for Future Effects

Insurance claims may give limited weight to the future effects of your injury. The insurance company will attempt to be fair about paying for current medical bills and losses, though they will probably be on the conservative side when paying for future injuries and time off work. To get these full amounts, a lawsuit may be necessary against the company itself. Your lawyer can help you argue, for instance, why you need extended time off. They can create greater leeway in your medical coverage in case the injury doesn't heal as expected. They will help you to get these expenses covered, even though there's no tangible proof that you will have these future expenses. 

Compensation for Psychological Damage

Insurance companies won't really consider the emotional effects of the injury when deciding how much to offer for your claim. This is more in the realm of a judge. Speak with your attorney about how to get compensation for depression, anxiety, and other psychological issues that arise as a result of your injury. The key is to show that these issues developed after your injury or were severely increased from your injury. Having the support of a medical professional helps in these cases. 

Better Coverage of Complicated Situations

Insurance claims may fall short when it comes to complicated situations where multiple parties have a role in the injury. Consider a situation where you're on a cruise ship and you're bumped by another passenger, and you slip on a bit of water on the floor. You're attended by a physician who commits medical malpractice. As you can see, liability can get tricky quickly when you're not sure who to pursue for compensation. If you can see a similar situation in your own claim, then personal injury lawsuits and/or medical malpractice lawsuits may be the only way to go. 

In short, by only going after insurance money, you may be missing out on a lot of opportunity. Speak with a personal injury lawyer to evaluate whether it's worthwhile to go after a full personal injury lawsuit. 

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