Suing Your Bankruptcy Lawyer: Why You Need The Help Of A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have recently attempted to file for bankruptcy, but it was somehow a dreadful failure at providing you with financial relief, you could sue your bankruptcy attorney. It is a very rare circumstance, but it is possible that the bankruptcy attorney failed to file the correct documents at the right time, or that he/she did not provide you with adequate legal guidance when debt collectors pursued you both in and out of court. As such, the bankruptcy attorney failed to provide you with the expected services and debt relief afforded to so many other clients. Here is why you will need the help of a personal injury lawyer to pursue this case.

Why a Personal Injury Lawyer?

In your particular case, you hired a bankruptcy lawyer who probably had you sign a contract. The contract states all of the expected services that this particular lawyer promised to provide. Not providing those services means that he or she "failed to provide contracted services," which may also be labeled or perceived as incompetence, indifference or even a breach of contract. That means you have a right to sue because the bankruptcy attorney's shortcomings in your case caused you harm and/or hardship. Any type of case that brings you harm or hardship is a personal injury case, which is why this falls to a personal injury lawyer to resolve.

The Personal Injury Lawyer Can Sort the Details.

Often, what appears to be inaction, indifference, incompetence or breach of contract to the layperson is actually something entirely different to the lawyer accused of these types of misconduct or unethical behavior. A personal injury lawyer can sort through the details of your case to get a better perspective and decide if your bankruptcy attorney really did do (or did not do!) what you accused the bankruptcy attorney of. If your personal injury lawyer does spy any impropriety on the part of your bankruptcy lawyer, then the bankruptcy lawyer may have a chance to answer for it when the personal injury lawyer calls him/her out on it. If that does not produce a desired result, then your personal injury lawyer should be able to determine if you have a case or not.

The Personal Injury Lawyer Can Subpoena Your Bankruptcy Attorney's Other Cases to Look for Problems.

Sometimes in a lawsuit as strange as this one, your personal injury lawyer may have to show that there is a pattern of behavior. Ergo, he or she may subpoena the court records of the bankruptcy attorney to see just how many other cases the bankruptcy attorney may have flubbed. You could never do that because you would not be allowed to read any of these cases for confidential reasons, nor would you be able to subpoena the records. Any patterns that your personal injury lawyer finds in the records may speak to the character of your bankruptcy lawyer and/or establish a pattern of lackluster behaviors, in which case you might be able to prove your accusations.

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