Slip And Fall Injuries: Do You Need A Lawyer?

When you are on the property of someone's business and you experience a slip or fall injury, that injury might be the business owner's fault. There are many things that could make it their fault, from over-waxing a floor to having loose rugs that led to you tripping when walking in their shop. While it isn't mandatory, it is highly recommended that you get a lawyer if you plan to sue for damages. Here is more information about why you need a lawyer.

Was the injury serious?

The first thing you should consider when deciding whether or not you need a lawyer for the slip and fall incident is how severe your injury is. Some slip and fall injuries are minor, such as causing a bruise on your leg, or possibly a twisted ankle. These are injuries that come with falling, and usually go away without much medical treatment. However, if you broke a leg, cracked a rib, or hit your head on something hard when falling, these could require more medical treatment. In this case, you have a good chance at winning a lawsuit. With severe injuries, you need a decent amount of proof in order to get the benefits you deserve, which requires an excellent personal injury lawyer.

Do you have the proof required?

When it comes to personal injury cases, slip and fall cases tend to be difficult to prove. This is because tripping or falling can be caused by any number of things, and not necessarily at the fault of the property owner. This is one great reason to have an attorney. They will look over your case and help you gather the evidence you need. From looking through your medical records and getting paperwork signed by doctors treating you to inspecting the property where you got injured and interviewing witnesses, they can really be helpful when it comes to gathering evidence.

Are you familiar with the requirement paperwork?

Not only do you need a good amount of proof for your case, but other paperwork needs to be filled out. You need to have all medical personnel fill out paperwork showing the injuries you received from the incident, and you need to file paperwork when you decide to sue the property owner. Lawyers can handle all of this for you, as well as getting copies of the required documentation. If you aren't familiar with the paperwork and how to fill it out properly, you should get help from a personal injury attorney.

Can you prove it was fault and not your own carelessness?

A big challenge with these cases is proving that the incident was caused by neglect on the property owner's part and not due to circumstances that couldn't be avoided or your own carelessness. For example, if there was a rainstorm that caused puddles of water near the entrance of a store, and the owner put out a sign warning you of the water, your injuries are from your own carelessness. However, if there was a loose board on the floor of a business and you tripped when stepping on it, that could be the owner's fault if they were aware of it.

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