Three Tips to Win Your Personal Injury Case

If you have been injured by the actions of another person, you may be able to recover damages for your injuries through a civil lawsuit. If you decide to start a lawsuit, here are three good tips to help you win the money you deserve.

1. Follow Procedure

The statute of limitations for personal injury cases can vary depending on your jurisdiction. For many injuries, you may need to file your complaint as early as a year after the injury occurs.

When filing documents be sure to check the rules of procedure in your jurisdiction. Many filings in your case such as complaints and motions will need to be in the proper format and contain the proper wording. Lawyers can be invaluable tools in following all of the proper procedures.

2. Prove Your Point

One mistake that many people make when they decide to sue someone is to base their case on their memory rather than evidence and facts. To win a personal injury case in front of a jury, you will need to convince the jurors by a preponderance of evidence that your injury was the result of another person's actions. This means that the jury must be convinced that your side of the story is more likely than not. 

The best way to prove your case is through solid evidence. The best kind of evidence can be videos or photos of what happened, along with eyewitness accounts. Your goal should be to paint a picture of what happened for the judge and jury. To prove that you sustained serious injury, be sure to keep all medical records and bills related to your incident.

3. Try to Settle

Many civil cases settle before they even get in front of a jury. Settling your case can be a good way to avoid the headaches and costs of a trial while still getting compensated for your injuries. Be open to communication and negotiation with the opposing party to see what they are willing to offer you to make up for the injuries they have caused. Settlements are particularly likely and beneficial if you are suing a company for your injury.


If you are considering starting a personal injury case against someone who has caused you harm, remember to pay close attention to proper procedure, gather strong evidence to support your claim, and do not shy away from settlement discussions. Feel free to consult with a personal injury attorney, such as one from Stapleton Law Offices, who will be able to help you determine the best path for your case.

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