Injured At Work? You May Qualify For More Than Just Worker's Compensation Benefits

Many people who are injured at work think their only option is to submit a worker's compensation claim and simply accept what is offered to them by the company. Some realize that an attorney can help them get more compensation than their employer first offers. Few people realize that their worker's compensation attorney can also help them pursue additional claims in some situations that can get them much more compensation from other parties who contributed to their injuries or for special circumstances surrounding their claims. Here are several examples of times when you are entitled to more than just standard worker's compensation benefits after being injured at work.

1. Your Injury Was Caused by Malfunctioning Equipment

If you become injured because a piece of equipment at your workplace malfunctioned, then the first step is still to file for worker's compensation. However, either during or after this process, you can also bring a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the equipment that malfunctioned. 

For example, if you fell from a crane that had a defect that caused you to fall, then you have a good case against the manufacturer of it. 

2. Your Employer Intentionally Caused Your Injury

While some accidents are just accidents, some can be malicious attacks in disguise. If you have a feeling that your employer took any step to intentionally cause your injury, then you can file a lawsuit against the company for this act along with or after your worker's compensation claim. 

Did your employer "accidentally" bump you when you were using potentially dangerous equipment or handling toxic substances? Do you suspect that he or she rigged equipment that they knew you would be using shortly to cause you harm? You and your attorney must prove in court that this occurred, but co-workers who witnessed the event or security camera footage can make proving this easier than you may think. 

3. Your Employer Does Not Treat You Fairly After the Accident

After you suffer an injury at work and file an employer's compensation suit alone or combined with either of the above torts, your employer has no right to treat you differently after the claim. He or she cannot retaliate by cutting your hours, lowering your wages, abusing you verbally, or firing you. 

If your employer does treat you unfairly after you pursue your worker's compensation claim, then that is grounds for another lawsuit against your employer. 

If you were injured at work, then you need to contact an attorney from a firm like Franco Law Firm to help you file your worker's compensation claim and any lawsuits above and beyond. Whether your injury is large or small, you are entitled to receive compensation for your lost wages, medical bills, and the pain and suffering you endured. 

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